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As a developmentalist, I believe that our past shapes our present, but that every person has the potential for change.  I use a variety of therapeutic methods that include gaining insight into the meaning of behavior.  I know that something as simple as difficulty with social relationships can have a variety of meanings and origins.  For one person, it could be difficulty reading social cues, whereas for another it could be due to social anxiety.  The same behavior could also be due to past trauma or a history of relationships problems in the family of origin.  Therefore, one size does not fit all for therapy.  Each person needs to be matched with the interventions that target his/her specific problem and, more importantly, that call upon his/her areas of strength.


I work flexibly with my clients, seeing both individual and families, depending on the needs of each person who comes to see me.  Sometimes our time together is brief, focused on consultation and empowering the clients or family to be able to meet their own needs.  Other times we may work together for an extended period of time, particularly when unexpected life stresses arise. 


I am also a parent of three daughters who attend school in Evanston.  Two of my children have special needs, and I am active in the community, schools, and PTA.



Clinical Psychologist in Private practice

Working with children, adolescents, families, and adults since 2001. Assisting with special education advocacy at public and private schools.

Ph.D. in Child and Clinical Psychology - 1999

Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota

Advisor: L. Alan Sroufe, Ph.D.

Lecturer at Northwestern University

Teaching classes in child development and clinical psychology in the School of Education and Social Policy from 2010-2015.

Instructor at the Erikson Institute

Teaching classes in infant development and infant mental health from 2001-2002.

Clinical Psychologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Running an assessment and intervention clinic for teen parents who were wards of the State of Illinois from 2000-2001.

M.A. in Child Psychology - 1997

Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota


B.A. in Psychology (Honors) and History - 1995

Brown University

Magna Cum Laude

Advisor: Cynthia Garcia Coll, Ph.D.

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