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Special Education Services

School and Community Advocacy


I assist parents and caregivers in making decisions about their child’s education and socialization.  I also work with schools and community groups to ensure to that each child can access the services he needs in the most inclusive environment that will work for him (which may be among her peers without special needs or may be with peers who have similar special needs).  Services include (as needed):


  • Observing the child in school to assess the learning environment and the child’s progress.

  • Attending school meetings for RTI, 504, or IEP development.

  • Collaborating with school staff to discuss teacher-child match, inclusion in after school activities, the child’s progress, or any other concerns a parent/caregiver might have.

  • Creating set of written recommendations for school staff.

  • Helping to select the right school for a child.

  • Working with both public and private schools.

  • Reviewing records.

  • Interviewing parents and other treatment providers to get a complete understanding of the child's needs.

  • Coordinating services for a family and pulling together team meetings.

  • Working with staff in extracurricular activities to support the inclusion of a child.


Therapy for Parents

A child goes to many therapies a week, and parents and caregivers are the chauffeurs, the advocates, the worriers, and the warriors.  They must also take care of themselves.  I offer therapy in a nonjudgmental environment to help parents/caregivers cope with the ups and downs of their parenting journeys and the way it affects them, their relationships, and their family.  Parents of children with special needs experience inordinate amounts of stress, whether due to concerns about school, challenging behaviors, marital conflicts, isolation, or worries about the future.  In therapy, parents will have a place to address their own needs and mental health with someone who "gets it."  As a parent of children with special needs as well as a therapist, I will help to make sure that parents are tending to their own needs so that they can have fulfilling lives and can be in a better place to parent as well.


Therapy for Siblings

Siblings of children with special needs may be the unsung heroes of the family or may be struggling with stresses of their own.  Whether they are seeking to understand their special siblings better or have a safe space to express their own needs or concerns, therapy can be a helpful support.



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